Should I Use Video For my Real Estate Listings?

Err! Wrong question! The two real questions you should be asking yourself is…

  1. What kind of agent are you?

    Obviously you’re a seller’s agent… this much is obvious if you’re reading this article. But really… what kind of seller’s agent are you? There are three types:

  • The part timer.

  • This is the agent that has normal 9-5 job or any job really for that matter that just likes the side-hustle. They aren’t full time yet because they haven’t invested enough into it and are just starting out or just simply lack the drive. Therefor most clients don’t invest in them.

  • The Budget Agent.

  • This is the agent that is looking for the cheapest and fastest way to bring a home to market… which can be a powerful selling point… but typically include sub-par photography and rarely videography which more often than not makes it more difficult to sell a home.

  • The Agent that “Gets It”

  • These types of agents are the ones that have been doing it for a long time or have just been very conscious of their client’s needs. They don’t just say they’re going to be in their clients best interest but actually act so. They are the agents that invest back into the clients that invested into them. They don’t want to be somebody’s agent for one transaction… they want to be their agent for life. This reflects in their word of mouth, reviews, and reputation.

If you answered number 3… then you’re probably smart enough to understand that we live in a digital age and that video is only going up… as in making up 80% of internet traffic by 2019.

  1. Would your client want you to use video?

    Well let’s look at the numbers.

    Buyers typically research homes three weeks before contacting an agent

    • Homes listed with video receive four times more interest than homes listed without video

    • 85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent who knows his/her away around video

    • 36% of home shoppers watch videos to research homes

    • YouTube is now the number one site homebuyers use to research home videos

Did that answer your question?

Of course you should be using video to help sell your listings faster! Be the agent all clients want and just google “real estate videographer near me”… or click here to book us!

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